13 Nov 2022

School Counsellor – Dubai Schools Mirdif

Dubai Schools
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contract Length: 2 years

Number of Vacancies: 1

Student Level:

  • Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School

Eligible Candidates:

  • Licensed Teacher


  • Education Required: Bachelor
  • Minimum Teaching Experience: 3 years of teaching experience
  • Required Certificates:

    Teaching Credential/License

    Other Certification

Education: Certification in Counselling or Psychology, Teaching certification


  • At least two year’s school-based experience or previous experience working with schools and students in a counseling capacity.
  • A degree in education/psychology/counseling.
  • A committed and creative individual with excellent organizational skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with students and staff


  • Excellent communication skills including high standards of professionalism in written and spoken English and Arabic
  • Organised and works to deadlines
  • Strong IT skills

Job Benefits:

  • School-provided accommodation or housing allowance and relocation allowance
  • Annual flight allowance for self
  • Private medical insurance for self, spouse, and two dependants
  • Visa
  • Other corporate benefits
  • Career progression opportunities within the Taaleem group and Continual Professional Development

Job Description:

Dubai Schools Mirdif requires a qualified School Counsellor to join their growing campus in Mirdif, Dubai, from January 2023.

School Counsellor

The School Counsellor supports and empowers the social, emotional, personal, and academic growth of all students. The School Counsellor is an advocate for students and operates proactively, working in partnership with teachers, parents, colleagues, and the local and international community, she/he supports students with the resources to access the school curriculum and to achieve academic success and personal wellbeing.

Dubai Schools Project

The Dubai Schools Mission is to be a Beacon of Academic Excellence. Combining an inquisitive teaching approach and future-focused skillset delivery, we work hand-in-hand with the community to nurture students to become independent and empathetic learners. We offer an American education that will be guided by Arabic principles and Islamic values which will foster future-ready graduates, driven by pride and tolerance. The main objective of the Dubai Schools Al Barsha, Mirdif & Nad al Sheba Projects is to create a mutually beneficial partnership between the government and the private sector that ensures Dubai’s aspiration to have 100% of Emirati Students enrolled in ‘Good+’ rated schools.

Key Accountabilities:

Communicate, build relationships and inspire confidence in all stakeholders

The Counsellor achieves this through:

  • Ensuring that all staff receive the necessary level of training and support about common student well-being issues
  • Providing a clear channel for parent queries and concerns and supporting parents with advice and introductions to external providers where appropriate
  • Contributing to regular discussion forums on topics of interest to parents
  • Playing a full part in all Taaleem Job-a-Like meetings
  • Providing appropriate reports on student issues to Grade Level Leaders and the Secondary Leadership Team
  • Building trusting relationships with external service providers

Delivery: Individual Student Planning

In collaboration with teachers and parents, help students establish goals and develop and use planning skills.

  • Identify specific goals and develop strategies toward achieving these goals.
  • Guide teachers and parents in utilizing assessment results to create ILPs (individual learning plans).
  • Demonstrate accurate interpretation of assessment data and present this information clearly and concisely to parents and the Learning Support Team.
  • Conduct formal observations.
  • Explain and interpret the statistical concepts used in assessment batteries.
  • Guard against over-interpretation or other inappropriate use of assessment data and maintain its confidential nature.
  • Make recommendations based on evaluation findings.

Responsive Services

Counsel individual students and small groups of students on an ‘as needs basis.

  • Work within the context of the multi-disciplinary Learning Support Team Meeting to identify and address counseling needs.
  • Provide crisis counseling, as needed (e.g. anxiety, grief, trauma, family break-up).
  • Assist students in establishing concrete behavioral plans aimed at problem resolution.
  • Serve as a student advocate.
  • Consult effectively with students, parents, colleagues, and other professionals.
  • Before the consultation, gather and prepare the necessary information.
  • During the consultation, interpret information and communicate ideas effectively.
  • Suggest a variety of options or strategies.
  • Appreciate alternative opinions and promote a spirit of cooperation.
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of the plan of action.
  • Encourage feedback and input.

Implement an effective referral process within the framework of the Learning Support Team.

  • Determine the need for and make appropriate referrals.
  • Maintain a current list of referral resources in the local community.
  • Assist students and parents throughout the referral process.
  • Collaborate with professional services outside of school and assist with implementing their recommendations, as necessary.


Provide a comprehensive and balanced guidance program consistent with identified student needs and in collaboration with school staff.

  • Maintain a database of student consultations.
  • Conduct needs assessments to determine systemic social and emotional needs and priorities.
  • Follow priorities established within the counseling program framework and in association with the school curriculum.
  • Use sound organizational skills to:
    • Set timelines and follow them.
    • Operate from a program calendar based upon the academic year and provide workshops to parents, accordingly (e.g. on child development, transition, and other relevant topics).
  • Implement an effective counseling program evaluation and use this feedback to improve the program.
  • Explain/promote the philosophy, priorities, and practices of the counseling program.

Professional communication and interaction

Demonstrate positive interpersonal relations with students.

  • Promote a positive self-image in students.
  • Provide a climate of open communication.
  • Interact in a mutually respectful and friendly manner, getting to know the students and being available to all students.
  • Use discretion in handling confidential information and difficult situations.
  • Demonstrate positive interpersonal relations with all school colleagues.
  • Work cooperatively with colleagues in planning counseling activities. Share ideas, materials, and methods with other staff members.
  • As a core member of the Learning Support Team, collaborate effectively with other multi-disciplinary specialists
  • Work cooperatively with the school’s administration to implement policies (e.g. child protection) and regulations for which the school is responsible.
  • Contribute, as a member of the whole school counseling team, to the school-wide development of the counseling program.
  • Demonstrate positive interpersonal relations with parents/guardians.
  • Cooperate with parents in the best interest of the student, providing an open climate of communication.
  • Handle expressions of conflict in a constructive manner.

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