7 Apr 2021

Laboratory Consultant (relocation allowance)

Paid relocation jobs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Ash International
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – Central

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Those looking to pursue a Consultant level post with this hospital will require: 3 years post specialist qualification experience from US (Board), Canada (Royal College Fellowship) UK (CCT), Ireland (CSD, CSCST), Australia &NZ (Fellowship), France (DES, DESC) and other European countries according to the qualification equivalence tables of the SCFHS..

Salary: SR to be advised based on qualification & experience Gratuity: ½ a month salary per year Contract Duration: One year (renewable) Contract Status: Married (if required) Self, spouse & 3 children (to 18yrs)

Accomodation: Provided free of charge – fully furnished Flights: Business class at start & end of contract year for employee & 3 dependents – Vacation: 30 days annually + 10 days local holidays Medical Cover: Provided for self & family (spouse & 3 children)

Transport: As required for work purposes Education Allowance: For maximum 3 children aged 5 to 18. SR 14,000 per child per year Relocation Allowance SR 1000 for single, SR 3000 for married status Salary Increments Yes.

Amount is based on performance Hours of Work: 9 hours per day over 5 days per week + on call.

A tertiary care academic medical complex comprising two university hospitals, academic & research centers and cardiac, oncology and diabetes centre and with a long experience in multi-facility and multi-disciplinary care.

The health care complex includes more than 1,300 full-time physicians, 853 residents & fellows and approximately 2,000 allied health personnel who collectively provide care to more than 1m outpatients, admit 45,966 patients and perform around 14,231 procedures every year.

As expected there is a strong emphasis on research and academic activities

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