10 Sep 2022

Full-Time Contract Academic English Teacher

Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO
Monthly salary 270,000 yen – Contract employee

Academic English Instructor (Y-SAPIX Global Campus: YGC)
Company: Japan Examination Center Co., Ltd. (SAPIX YOZEMI GROUP)
Location: Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO
Industry: Education/Teaching
Role: Academic English Instructor
Work Type: Full-Time Contract (part-time positions also available for university students in Japan)
Starting Salary: 270,000 yen/month (negotiable)
Interview: Currently, we generally accept candidates who reside in Japan* – interviews will be conducted online as well as face-to-face.
*Exceptions apply to candidates who plan on moving to Tokyo, Japan upon the job offer.

• ENGLISH: Native/Fluent Level
• JAPANESE: Basic Level
• VISA: Sponsorship provided (Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/Int’l Services) up to 3-5 years and renewed indefinitely upon periodic evaluations
• DEGREE: Ideally a U.S. or U.K. University Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree


Y-SAPIX Global Campus (YGC), part of SAPIX YOZEMI GROUP, offers after-school and weekend Academic English classes to students ranging from elementary school to high school. We conduct our classes in an all-English environment in Yoyogi.

We seek full-time native or bilingual English instructors who can interact with young students intellectually and enthusiastically, as well as create learning materials. Past teaching experience and ability to teach SSAT, SAT® and TOEFL® are a plus, but not absolute requirements so long as the candidate has strong motivation, intention to learn new skills, and a positive attitude! We also welcome candidates who are willing to present and suggest new, effective ideas for providing lessons that incite critical thinking skills for our students.

Job Title
• Full-Time Academic English Teacher

Corporate Benefits
• Housing allowance
• Health/Social Insurance
• Employment/Social Insurance
• Industrial Accident Compensation Coverage
• Transportation Costs (based on actual expenses incurred up to 100,000 yen/month)
• Other benefits

Working Days/Hours
• Tuesdays to Saturdays (Sundays and Mondays are considered ‘weekends’)
• Shift hours: 13:00 to 21:30 on Weekdays, 11:00 to 19:30 on Saturdays
• Hours are 37.5 hours per week (we do not encourage overtime although payment will be made if the time/shift is absolutely required).
• Work on Sundays is required seasonally for special recruitment events in Spring, Summer, and Fall (Substitute Holidays are provided when work on Sunday is required).

• Two days off per week: Usually Sundays and Mondays
• National/Public Holidays: Substitute Holidays given if they fall on a workday)
• Annual Leave: 10 days granted in the first year (increases one day per year worked)
• Summer Break: 3-day summer vacation provided in addition to annual leave
• Winter Break: 4-day break (December 31st to January 3rd) provided in addition to annual leave
• Others: Employees eligible for Childcare Leave, Nursing Care Leave, Compassionate/Special Leave, and others*.
*Full-Time (including Contract) Employees only.

• Opportunities provided (evaluation is conducted every year)


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